Greatest Hip Hop Tunes To Game To
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Hip hop and casinos go together like a hand into a glove, although some of the tunes out there are pretty subtle in their nod to the gambling industry - and we’re not going to blame you if you haven’t cottoned onto their implications while you’re nodding along. Others, though, are pretty overtly bopping to the casino beat, and we’re tempted to join right in, to be honest, because some of the tracks are out of this world and we’re here every note of the way.

You don’t have to be heading to your nearest casino to enjoy these tracks; they’re broad enough to be your tune of choice for pretty much any occasion - honestly, even doing the laundry to these songs is a perfectly valid way to enjoy them, and we’ll admit to exactly that… and you know what? It made the experience of stuffing socks through the door ten times better than a no-song-landscape would have done.

So, whether you’re rocking out in front of the TV or settling down for a serious online casino session, you might want to check out a few of the greatest gambling-related songs, and we’ve grabbed the top picks to create a tailor-made playlist for you!

The Gambler, by Xzibit

If you’re okay with a bit (well, actually, a lot) of colorful language, this is a great one to start with; it’s emotional, energetic, and oh-so-real about the topics it covers, from the streets to the casinos. It was released in 2002 so it’s definitely not the newest on the list, but oof, it’s really good. 

You’ll find yourself humming along for days after this and it should be top of your list when it comes to shuffling together all the best gambling songs. It’s very much a power song, making it perfect for building some casino confidence - imagine playing online blackjack to something this forceful and fierce; we know we’re going to try it! We’re not going to recommend playing this one at an actual casino though; they cover their own tracks, and something with this much swearing in could run a high risk of you getting kicked out.

Vegas, by Doja Cat

Want to play something a bit newer and keep up with the top charts? It’s okay, hip hop’s got you covered - Doja Cat is a phenomenal singer and her Vegas release is just another feather in her cap; it’s a fiery ballad to a faithless lover, and empowerment runs through every word. 

The song revolves around the gambling world, and every time we hear it, we want to jump on the next plane to Vegas. In terms of vocal range and talent, this can’t be beaten; it’s been a major boost to Doja Cat’s already illustrious career, and there’s nothing like playing roulette or baccarat to a track like this - the experience is just epic. 

Vegas, by Kendrick Lamar

No, you’re not seeing double - we’ve got two really good hip hop songs named after the gambling center of the universe, and we’d heartily recommend both. This one is a 2011 release and the famous line “If gambling’s a sin, then I’m rollin’ dice with Lucifer to make sure I ain’t losin’ you” perfectly captures the thrill of gambling and compares it to the thrill of falling in love. 

The lyrics also invoke slots, poker, craps, and blackjack - so you can really get your casino fix with this one. Put it on and see if the dice will roll lucky for you; you never know how having the right atmosphere could change your games!

Rapper’s Delight, by The Sugar Hill Gang

It doesn’t have to use the word “casino” to count as a great tune to game to - and the 1970s hit Rapper’s Delight absolutely fits the bill in all other ways. Fiercely peppy and considered the dawn of hip hop as we know it today, this is 100% one for the list, because it’s got all you need from a song. Funky, slick, and full of the best rhythm you’ll find, it’s not exactly a whizz when it comes to the lyrics - but you don’t need that if you’re busy focusing on your game and you just want some ambiance to liven up your home while you play.

Mo Money Mo Problems, by The Notorious B.I.G. featuring Puff Daddy & Ma$e

It may also be a bit old-school, but this song is perfect for the feel-good atmosphere, so if you want to win while surrounded by positive vibes, oh, please add this one to your list. It belongs to the album Life After Death (honestly, listen to the whole thing), and it wipes the floor with so many other songs, it’s definitely worth revamping your list for this one. The best music is music you can listen to again and again, and that’s where we’d rank Mo Money Mo Problems - major heart eyes over here!

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